Friday, December 24, 2010

Are We There Yet?

I was summarily handed a list the other morning--these are your tasks for this afternoon to prepare for the holiday.

Ugh! The more we do the more there seems to be to do. Maybe if we started later, there would be less that needs doing?

Vacuum? Really? Vacuuming is one of those things that always needs to be done--so skip it and wait until the last minute rather than doing it, redoing it, and then doing it for real. I don't need practice vacuuming!

Ah--but it is finally Christmas Eve. And i am the offensive line for my quarterback who is calling the plays.

Now the real fun begins. The weeks of preparation have wound down into this final push to the end zone. It is time for the "Two minute drill" right now.

Last gift? Is it wrapped? Where is the gift bag?

Stockings? Found, acocunted for and hung by the chimney with care, or nails, or tape whatever will hold them!

Carrots for the reindeer? Cookies for Santa? A glass of wine for me? (OK--2 glasses and then quit counting)

Dog groomed? (Where did I leave the dog?)  Chris, have you seen the dog?  OMG--she's at the groomers, overnight? Ugh!

And so mentally I slump into the chair exhausted--but it is only 6AM. I have a massive family breakfast (or brunch?) planned, followed by a nap, then church, then dinner, then dessert with friends and then maybe church again--just because it didn't take the first time.

And by then it will be tomorrow! Christmas.

O, I forgot to clean out the fireplace!

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