Monday, February 4, 2008

A Day with Ethan

Yesterday was an incredible day. Not only did the Giants upset the classless Patriots in the Super Bowl, but Chris and I got to spend most of the day with Ethan. It was an unexpected surprise when I saw "E" and Chris walk into Church as I was preparing for the late service. I always enjoy E in church and yesterday his bright smile was especially appreciated.

So after church, we decided to watch E for the day until the evening festivities with the Super Bowl began. What a great decision. He was a great help cleaning the leaves off the back area near the pool and he enjoyed standing on the diving board wondering why Pop-pop wouldn't open the pool so he could swim. We finally found a place where he could put his hand in the water to see how cold for himself.

The highlight of the day? Watching an almost three-year old get a tricycle up a small hill in the driveway and pick his feet up so he could race down the him--backwards, into some of the ornamental grasses we have. It was a sight to watch. Of course, there was a grandparent always within reach of the budding stunt man to ensure that his backwards ride did not end on the bumper of a car.

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