Sunday, January 20, 2008

Watching the Grand-puppy

So we had the opportunity to watch Jeremy's dog, Ben, this weekend while he and Nicole went on a short mid-winter vacation. It was good to have a lively dog in the house again. He livened things up with Zach, our very old and sedate Yorkie and the two cats--Grace and Louie. Ben is a Keeshond--and we used to breed Keeshonden when Jeremy was a boy. They are absolutely the greatest and smartest dogs ever. I know the Golden Retriever mafia will be on my case for that statement and Meghan was a great dog, too. Ben is a great example of the breed--fun loving, smart, and a great companion.

So, I wish I had something funny to write about watching Ben, but I don't. He was just great. Do I want another dog--no! We are finally getting to the point where taking a weekend away doesn't require planning for a dog-sitter. I did lose the laces to my moccasins, but with every operation there are going to be a few losses. But, I did find a picture of Ben as a small puppy and another of him a couple months ago--so you can appreciate him.

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