Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Swimming with Ethan

I wish I had a picture, but of course I don't. What an experience. Two adults and one almost-three-year old together in a pool with many other children and adults. Mind you, Ethan has "NO FEAR!" Which is a great and at the same time scary thing. Fortunately, he does not seem to mind going under water. At one point he slipped and while Chris was yelling to me to "rescue" Ethan, I could see that no rescue was required. He pushed off the bottom and stood up smiling all the time about going under the water.

The funniest part though was going down the slide. He was slow to climb the stairs because he was cold--but didn't ever seem to figure out that if he hurried he would be back in the warm (by comparison) water. At the top of the slide though, this child with "NO FEAR" wanted to be sure that Pop-pop would be in the proper position to catch him. Pretty funny.

Hey, Nicole--someone really needs to teach this boy to swim. He is ready.

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Anonymous said...

When he turns 3 there is a swim "Nazi" that will actually teach him how to swim. I will be signing him up as soon as I can.

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