Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow Angels

Remember that movie "Angels in the Outfield?" One of the lines was: "They're always with you," or something like that. This snow angel was made on Saturday, Jan 5th in Ithaca, NY. And it reminds us that angels are always with us and watching over us. Chris made it and was teaching Ethan about snow and snow angels. What a pretty and cold day it was. Ethan kept remarking, as he was being pulled on a sled behind a quad: "Fast please." If life were that simple, we'd all be enjoying it a lot more. But we seem to make it so complex. I was cold and worrying about my shoes getting wet while Ethan was teaching me to be in the moment--enjoy what God is providing to you right now. It gives God pleasure to make us happy and too often we are the ones who are sucking the pleasure out of life with our contrived needs and unnecessary complexities. Life is about relationships--ours with others and ours with God. Why are we making that difficult? Because when its is too simple we can't believe its true. Ethan, thanks for bringing the fun of snow back to my life. I still don't like shoveling it, but now I have a memory to smile about when I see snow.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet blog entry. And man, Mom made the best snow angel!

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