Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Position- When?

So, I've accepted a new position which requires shift work and a bit (a lot) more driving to and from work--but is only for 18 months. Here's the funny part--I don't know a lot more than that and it really is fun to watch the family try to fill in the holes. This is one of those things that is a "process" and it will all be revealed to me in good time. I applied for the job, so I know I want it and it is a good career move. It's just the way it works there are some missing pieces like a start date. Coordination takes time and it has only been a week.

So what about the lifestyle change of going from 5 days and 40+ hours a week to a shift schedule. There will be some growing pains I am sure and it will be hard no only on my family but on me too. Change is not easy, but I also find change exciting and I'm ready for change because I recently became aware that I'm not getting where I really want to be because I've been playing it too safe and not expanding myself enough. So let's expand. Guarantees? Nope. Change? Yep. Tough? You bet. Will I miss what I'm doing now--definitely.

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