Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yeah--its been cold here for two weeks. We have snow still on the ground and I haven't been able to work on "Kitty". Guess where I would rather be? Some place warm--like, here in Jupiter, Florida. Or even further south! Like Key West. Some day.

Kitty? You say? Yes that is my 1987 Jaguar XJ6 VDP. I got Kitty (get it?) after my 1998 GMC Sonoma was stolen while I was looking for a replacement. And it is a beautiful car, but as with all old vehicles it needs work and care. I do not drive it every day (it has a bit of an oil leak) but I love to drive it during good weather. And with the weather cold, I've been thinking a lot about moving lock, stock and Jaguar to Florida for some sun and surf.

But I know it will be warm soon and I'll be dreaming of getting the pool open so I can lay on a a floatie and drink a beer in the hot July sun.

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