Monday, July 9, 2012

Back to the Ocean

After taking a day off to let my back repair and also to buy some shirts with significant UV properties, it was back into the water yesterday.

John B. MacArthur State Park on Singer Island was the location chosen for our day in the sun and water. It is a wide long beach with a small rock reef that teems with life.

I did run across a hot woman on the beach and we hooked up for the day. I have a picture of here right here. She is a real looker, too! I especially liked the Orioles hat on her head. Fortunately for me, we are married to each other and I get to spend every day with her!

The beach was a bit crowded--it was Sunday after all. The water was calm and relatively clear--maybe 15 foot visibility.

Highlights of the day included a lobster who didn't want to be messed with--he was camped out in a bad spot and had this been lobster mini-season he would have been boiling in someone's pot before the end of the day.

We ran across some pork fish and other fairly common fish near the reef. There were just too many people around to fully enjoy the reef, so we only stayed out near it for a short while--OK, maybe an hour.

I did run across one fish that I can't name yet. The spotted one following the pork fish in the image.

All in all another great vacation day topped off by an awesome dinner at the Juno Fish House.

-- Bob Doan, Jupiter, FL

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