Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings - October 17, 2011

1. Apple products can be very fickle. It took the better part of yesterday to be able to update Chris' iPad due to a myriad of problems and old software.

2. The Presidential Olympics are underway. The who is in the lead now seems to be more exciting for the news media than what is happening across the globe with economies and other crises.

3. Give a shout out to Jeremy and Chris for their birthdays.

4. Congrats to the Texas Rangers and the St Louis Cardinals for making the World Series a mid-America game rather than an East or West Coast game. It is weird not having a coastal team in the Series this year. With the exception of both 2005 and 2006, there has been a coastal team in the Series every year since 1987.

5. So does anyone know what the number for 9-9-9 is? I am fascinated by the simplicity of the tax plan proposed by Herman Cain, but I also know than nothing simple ever passes Congress where the special interest groups are likely to shred it to pieces. Look at health care--something conceptually simple became so complex no one really even knew what was being enacted until after it was law. Think there is a problem in there somewhere?

6. It was another mixed weekend around the house for the four football teams which are the favorites. The teams from the NFC East both lost while the teams from the AFC North both won.

7. How do you know when the party is over?  When the guests are gone and the house is restored to its previous splendor.

8. Did you ever wonder how the dishes get from dishwasher and into the cupboard? Or how does the roll of toilet paper get full again? Or the toothpaste tube refreshed and full? If you wonder these things you are the problem.

9. I had to rake leaves already this weekend. How can autumn be so anxious to depart?

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