Friday, August 12, 2011

Newport, RI

Well, it seems that as another weekend approaches that Chris and I are off on another adventure. This weekend finds us in Newport, RI for a wedding. We drove to Newport yesterday because we need to be here for a wedding.

It was a long drive, but traffic was moving and we made it across the George Washington bridge fairly easily even when there was a reported 40 minute back-up. Our friends George and Sue drove with us, actually, George drove and I navigated.

I had never been to Newport before and it is a beautiful, quaint oceanside city much like many of the places we have been visiting lately. Sail boats and sunsets.

The hotel leaves a lot to be desired--we made the reservations form and it just is not the shiniest penny in the bag, so to speak. I'll let the trip finish before I write my review on the place and publish it. The hotel recently became a Ramada--I'm not sure how, but perhaps Ramada is going to give them a year to get up to standards.

But--all of that aside--the sunset we beautiful, the company grand, and the time away exploring another new place is appreciated.

We are going to have fun.

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