Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stumps No More

I love using equipment to rid myself of problems.

My most recent activity was removing 10 tree stumps from the yard using a stump grinder to turn them into mulch.

I have rented a stump grinder before--and it was an awesome experience turning tree stumps--those immovable objects in the yard that contact my mower deck and blades at those moments of inattention, into mulch and covering their hole with top soil and sod.

Instant gratification.  Green and gone.

The two largest stumps were the remnants of two dead tulip poplars I had felled two weeks ago--and so they will soon give way to green space. I still have to finish cutting and splitting them. Sadly, I learned my chain saw is too small to completely take care of one of them--so I will be looking to borrow or rent a larger chain saw.

The other 8 stumps were mostly remnants of juniper trees which suffered during the winters past--either being broken by the snow and ice, or disfigured as parts of other trees fell on them. Of course--there were a couple trees that Chris just wanted gone--like the apple tree that didn't produce edible fruit.

I had additional fun removing stumps for a couple of my friends as well--it is amazing how stumps seep to hang around in yards--a problem with no easy solution until we can finally rid ourselves of them. 

So in probably another five or so years, I will have to rent a stump grinder again--but for now, the mowing will be a whole lot easier and those low lying eyesores are gone!

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