Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blue Skies and High Wind

Ready for the Growing Season
Well it is cooler today than the 70's of yesterday. But the respite was appreciated.

The grasses around the pool are cut and the debris of winter has been removed from the lawn.

The lawn service even paid its initial visit to get the first load of chemicals down in the lawn in preparation for the Springtime growing season.

In a few months, the grasses will be 6 feet tall and the summer sun will be beating down on us as we lounge in the pool.

But yesterday was the day to get it done. It was warm and we actually enjoyed being outside doing yard work--the first of the emerging season.  I had some broken branches to cut out of one of the plum trees and we even had the tractor out with the mower cleaning up leaves and debris--although I am sure the wind will blow a lot more in today.

Memories like yesterday will keep me going strong until the weather changes over for good.

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