Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Tree Number 2

Not an elegant name at all--but we remember the commercials where number 2 tries harder?

This year our second tree--the one adorning the family room in the basement--is our retro tree. It is a blast from the past and recalls the colored lights of our childhood trees.
Christmas Three Number 2: The Retro Version

Our children have only been treated to trees with white lights--but when Chris and I were children, in the time before mini-lights, trees were decorated with colored lights--and the lights were big. We did not recreate the big bulb trees, but we decided to have a colored light tree to compliment the white light tree on the main level of the house.

Patrick already commented--"there won't be any presents under that tree" as he was retrieving Chewie from a playdate last evening. He remains very loyal to the white light tree style.

That's OK--variety is a good thing.

Chris and I enjoyed sipping wine and decorating this tree last evening listening to Christmas music playing in the background. We had tried the colored lighted tree some years ago, and I was able, with assistance form a cool new Christmas light tool I bought, to get the strands all working and so at least we didn't have a great expense buying lights.

The house is nearly decorated. Only a few more objects to display--specifically the Snow Village Here Comes Santa annual pieces, and then we will be fully Christmified. Well, I think there may be some reindeer on their way to grace our front lawn--but who knows?

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