Saturday, June 22, 2013

What a Two Weeks it has Been

Cleo in the Driveway
The process that began two weeks ago on a rain drenched highway in Northern Pennsylvania is complete.

From the roadside where our Lexus was loaded onto a tow truck and taken away, now we know that we will never see it again, through the continuation of our trip for Mom's birthday and back to Maryland where the rest of the story has played out.

Fortunately, no serious injuries were sustained during the accident and the major loss was only property. Unfortunately, our property.

But through it all, the twists and turns and delays of the insurance companies and through the adjusting process--Chris and I have persevered. I was pleased that the other company called me this past mid-week to accept liability for the accident on behalf of their client. And then they promptly reminded me that he does not carry enough insurance to cover our losses.

My insurance company--though not a smooth process by any means, has performed well. I give them a solid C plus. I was a little miffed that it took eleven days for them to render a decision to call my vehicle a total loss and then told me I had seven days left on my rental car to replace my vehicle. There is something wrong there.

But at the end of it and through the incredibly hard work and research that Chris put into replacing our vehicle--we have a new vehicle in the stable. Joining Kitty, and Cat, and "the truck" is Cleo. I don't know why we name our vehicles, but then I don't know why the Navy names it ships and submarines either.

Cleo is a Toyota Highlander--which has many similarities to our now totaled Lexus. It drives similarly, but did not have the "luxury" vehicle price tag. Cleo is also postured better for our current lifestyle in terms of people hauling and versatility.

I was especially impressed by the people at Koon's Annapolis Toyota. They worked hard to make the sale and we enjoyed working with each of them. So thanks to you guys for the great work. I have to admit, when we pulled onto the lot for the first time and the vehicle was sitting in front of the show room ready to be equipped with tags and full of gas--I was impressed. JD gave us a superior overview of the vehicle and its features--trust me, even though I have driven a lot of different vehicles, I like getting a personal tour AND he helped Chris get her phone integrated into the car. All BEFORE we did the obligatory paperwork.

The two week foray into accidents and vehicle replacements is over. I can relax on a floatie in the pool and listen to the Orioles game. They lost, again.

But wow, from the accident scene through the insurance companies and finally to the replacement vehicle purchase--we have met a lot of really great people. That is one of the blessings that has grown out of this experience.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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