Sunday, May 26, 2013

Crazies in the Bar

It was adult night out last evening, and we frequented a watering hole near the condo so that we didn't have to drive. We actually went to two such establishments and engaged in deep conversations that no one remembers this morning.

But, one thing I do remember is a guy named David who walked up and introduced himself and proceeded to regale us with stories and discussion. He was at the same time a former college basketball player, a runner, an entrepreneur, a ranked tennis player and a single guy on the prowl. Staying with him through the twists and turns of his story was difficult because the truth seemed to shift often as each of our queries probed deeper.

As we probed the part about being a West Virginia college basketball player, it turned out that he played fora division three school and not WVU.

Much like online personas, it seems that being out in a bar people can assume whatever fantasy they desire with little regard for reality.

Myself? I'm still me, regardless of how much fun I'm having.

I guess that is why I don't get excited about pub crawling, I don't appreciate the crazies in the bars.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Ocean City, MD

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