Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election reflections

Yes, it is over--or is it just beginning? At least the robo-phone calls and commercials have stopped.

During the course of yesterday, I talked to a few people about the election and the results and I found a couple of interesting themes.

The electorate voted for no change.

We continue to desire a dysfunctional congress, high unemployment. sporadic economic growth, a split congress, and a non-existent foreign policy.

The loser had flaws that he could not overcome, not the least of which were his loose tongue and out of touch with the voters demeanor.

Some memorable things that hurt the challenger: talking about buying a horse for his wife after the Olympics because she liked the equestrian events, talking about being friends with NASCAR team owners and selecting a running mate that "strengthened" the ticket by scaring the older voters which may have resulted in the loss of Wisconsin, Florida, and Ohio.

So now we get to watch both sides appear to be bipartisan while not giving an inch as the economy continues to sputter and the U.S. loses more ground overseas.

We did it. We voted for more of the same.

The reality TV show that is the our political leadership has been renewed for at least two more years.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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