Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Musings - August 13, 2012

1. Olympics completed. Medals won. The world shrunk a bit for a few short weeks.

2. Completion. That is the exclamation point on the deck project with the final screw being driven into the final piece of wood.

3. Politics heats up as we head into the convention season. Less than three months to go.

4. Mars--the Red Planet seems closer again as Curiosity begins its mission. I know that Bugs Bunny's nemesis Marvin the Martian is hiding there somewhere.

5. I am taking a few days off this week to complete those summertime projects that haven't been completed yet.

6. Check out the Orioles--they are still in the play off race and it is heading into mid-August. Ya gotta believe!

7.  Olympics highlights--Michael Phelps, USA Women kicking the world's butt, USA Men's and Women's Basketball, Women's Soccer, Men's Platform Diving, Men's and Women's Swimming. Wow!

8. In 3114 BC, the Mayan calendar started on this date.

9. In 1940, The Battle of Britain begins on this date. I wonder if the Olympics ended yesterday because of this historical remembrance.

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