Thursday, August 9, 2012

All in a Day's Work

Some days are unique just due to  diversity of the activities involved.

Yesterday was no exception.

Weirdly, I went to work for the morning, then off to the dentist, followed by the allergist for one of my twice weekly shots, and the reconnected the Wii for Ethan to play some games followed by more work on the stair railings on the deck--which, are all but complete, finally.

The balusters are all in place and I am doing some final work on the rail and topping for the railings--but it is so close to being done that I am about to say, finally, the project started during the first weekend of June is done.
Bird Sweeps-up

For an encore, it was off to see the now nine games over 500 Orioles sweep the Seattle Mariners, 9-2. It was a hot and muggy evening. Very close, I would describe it. Except for the score. I do enjoy seeing the Oriole Bird with a broom sweeping away the competition.

Muggy is an interesting word. It is of Scandinavian origin it turns out.  Who knew?

Being at Camden Yards last evening was great. The crowd was small but, about 17,000, but it was all Orioles fans and were definitely into the game. Chris and I visited Boog's Barbecue and Boog Powell himself was there signing autographs. I like seeing the great former Orioles first baseman as it reminds me of the great history that the team has, and especially the 1966 World Series sweep of the Dodgers. Maybe lightening will strike like that this year.

After the game, yes, I stayed until the last pitch was thrown, it was back home and into bed a bit past my bedtime, but at the end of an activity packed day. I sure am glad that every day is not like yesterday, but then, I am glad that some of them are!

--Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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