Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And the grass keeps growing

I looked at my lawn last evening after nearly a day of rain. Although freshly mowed on Saturday, it was already beginning to get long and scraggly. A sure sign that I was going to need to mow again soon.

Oh yeah, I still do not have a mower. Even my broken lawn tractor remains at the repair shop. I could believe the grass is growing wild knowing that I have no way to tame it. No "sheriff" to keep it in check.

I look back two months ago when I was excited about getting the tractor out and mowing. Has the excitement of that first Spring mowing already become the drudgery of yet another chore? No, I don't believe it has become drudgery, but the excitement certainly has passed.

And I continue to search for a replacement tractor.

My new trimmer is awesome, but it is a too small to attempt to use on the entire lawn.

Another day of rain and prime grass growing conditions are ahead.
I wonder if the lawn will make it until Saturday for its next mowing?
I think not.

It is green, mostly. I enjoyed looking at the clear, deep blue sky behind the fully leafed and green trees on Saturday. The green grass of the lawn completed the image and I find it far more pleasant to regard than the brown lawns of the winter.

So I encourage the grass to continue growing with the application of fertilizer, because I prefer the green and the mowing it requires to the alternative.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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