Sunday, April 1, 2012

Forest's Final Spring

A small 10 acre forest near where I live is coming to life this springtime. The trees are filling out with new leaves and displaying stunning colors of reds and oranges which soon will become green, beautiful leaves. As I look into the woods, I see the dogwoods in bloom--with their flowers bringing joy to my heart while brightening up the the still coming to life forest.

Alas, though, this is the final springtime for this small wooded area. The county has decided to raze the forest and build an elementary school. The work will likely begin before the May flowers bloom.

I drive by this small wilderness, strategically placed in the middle of suburbia, every day. I never realized how much this small patch of trees and wild kept me in touch with my roots until the day I realized it would soon be gone. How sad--trees and brush teaming with wildlife soon to be replaced by brick, mortar, and mowed grass.

So I have been especially noticing the beauty of the trees this springtime as they burst forth in life, before the chain saws and heavy equipment arrive to forever change this small plot into a something tame and sterile.

I mourn the loss and I hope that I will not soon forget the vision of this small forest and the trees and life which it contained.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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