Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Springtime Arrives

I know that springtime arrived finally and that the dark days have passed for another year.

I know this because on Monday evening Chris and I began the process of cleaning out the leaves which collected during the winter in the area around the pool. The furniture was restored to operation complete with cushions and pillows that had been in storage over the winter.

A bottle of wine, cheese, and crackers were enjoyed to the sounds of music and the peepers and the birds.

It was an idyllic setting for the first evening of what I hope is a long an enjoyable season around the pool in the haven which is our backyard.

The first evening of the season is as memorable as the last, only the conversation focuses on the season to come rather the the good times passed.

This is the time I wait for and even the work clearing leaves and cleaning was enjoyable we watched the clock tick past seven and there was still daylight remaining to enjoy.

The lawn is greening and I can feel the tug of the mower coming. Even the plum trees are in bloom. I love those trees, they are the first blooming trees of the season in our yard. for some unknown reason, Chris desires them to be gone but I cannot imagine looking into the yard without them.

And so the season arrives.

And the promise of sun, pool, fun, family and friends.

Bring it on!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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