Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'Tis the Season for Lists

Just a note--five days until zero hour.

Lists, lists, and more lists.

Seriously, I do not think there is anyone in the world who makes more lists than Santa--except my wife.

I know she is going to think I am picking on her--but the lists work for her. She has a full accounting of who is naughty and nice! Down to the minute detail. And I am in awe of her lists--even to the point of digging through the recycling last evening to find a list that was feared to have been accidentally discarded.

Her lists keep Christmas straight, even and most of all--equitable! Everything is catalogued in terms of number and price. Gifts are deconflicted, swapped among recipients, and even returned before the main event should a need arise. And the need arises quite a lot as gift ideas are changed or better sales appear in the ads..

Me? I'm lucky to have what I will call "gift" clarity five minutes before I need to make a purchase. I think about gifts--but I do not make lists. I have enjoyed shopping on Christmas Eve as the panic of being down to the wire comes up against the crush of the crowds. But, I have found that this is not a good recipe for success. Although, I have obtained some pretty nifty third options by shopping that way.

And I even rely on dumb luck--like this year, already. I recently learned that a major gift that I was going to purchase for someone had already been taken by others. Just through casual conversation.

So given everything happening in my life, it has been determined that tonight is my night--the night I finalize Christmas for those for which I am responsible. It, fortunately, is a short list. I have been given tonight for this activity due to playing some absolutely uninspiring racquetball last evening in the league tournament. I didn't make it out of the first round, and based upon how I was playing, I didn't deserve to make it to the semifinals.

So as a reward for failure on the racquetball court--I will sojourn into the crowds with my list to complete my Christmas shopping.

Wish me luck in my task--Christmas depends upon it. Too bad I can't just depend upon Santa to do the job.

BTW--I'm a terrible shopper.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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