Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The In Between Week

This week is the in between week, the week sandwiched between Christmas and New Years. It is a week full of recovery from Christmas and planning for the New Year celebrations. It is amazing what kind of things happen during the week which continue to keep us busy.

I did have the chance to check out some of the gifts I received. The Photoshop program for the images I collect seems really cool. I also enjoyed test flying my radio controlled hawk--but it was raining too hard outside to actually try to fly it for real.

The excitement for the day was to see the Tin Tin movie and enjoy the big screen bringing to life the boy reporter that Patrick enjoyed so much as a child. It was nice to go to a movie during a weekday afternoon. And since it was raining it both got me out of the house and encouraged a walk around the mall--which I fully circumnavigated.

I will be reading through my 2011 blogs this week and coming up with the best images and stories of the year mostly as a way of recapping my activities and thoughts.

I will continue to enjoy the in between week--but I am working two days, unlike other years. I did a better job of scheduling my use or lose leave this year. I remain amazed at the mild nature of  December 2011's weather for Maryland.  Despite the rain yesterday--temperatures continue to be mild and overall pleasant. I am sure that the storms of winter will soon be upon us--but I have to continually remind myself that we are really experiencing a pleasant time weather-wise.  It makes the promise of spring--now less than 90 days away, very real.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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