Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Images to Remember

It has been a long holiday weekend. The images of the weekend are varied.

We stumbled into a wine tasting at a local wine store on Thursday evening which really improved our spirits. It is always fun to find wines and take a moment from life to enjoy the fruit if the vine with others who also enjoy a good glass of wine. It is amazing how we never seem to find repeats in the wines we taste--the store carried no wines that were familiar to us in Maryland. That of course, makes it all the more exciting to try and find new wines to enjoy. I am so glad that wines are so diverse.

Autumn is in the final stages here. The leaves have left the branches of the trees and found their way to the ground where the wind is whipping them into ever increasing piles and filling the low spaces. I remembered that we needed to be careful when walking on uneven ground because the leaves may be covering a depression and a turned ankle could result from carelessness.

And finally, so what did you do on Saturday afternoon? This kitten was making all of her own entertainment in and around the container. Her sister, not pictured, was not too far away partaking in equally creative entertainment.

It has been a weekend of varied activity--and a weekend to remember. These images obviously did not capture it all, but will help to document a small part of it.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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