Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Musings - September 19, 2011

1. Grandsons, one at a time, are not so bad.

2. Windshield wipers are an essential part of an automobile--it is really hard to drive when they don't remove rain from the windshield. I finally replaced the ones on my truck which were pretty rough and long past their prime.

3. Flying antique and historic airplanes is an inherently dangerous activity. My prayers go out to the families of the victims of the Reno air show crash.

4. It is amazing how the yearly television season kickoff season has changed. I really am not interested in too many of the new shows.

5. I was amazed at the number of projects I was able to knock out this week end. I guess it is good to hang around the house on weekends occasionally.

6. The movie Contagion did contain one interesting quote: Dr. Ian Sussman: Blogging is not writing. It's just graffiti with punctuation. -- IMDb Quotes: Contagion (2011)

7. I am spending time with my pair of Kees (pair-o-kees) again as we are watching Ben while Nicole and Jeremy are away. It is amazing how much time we have spend trying to figure out where that dog is hiding--we finally found him in the closet with the door closed, not once but three times. I had to convince him to "come out of the closet."

8. Pool closing day has been set--it is next Saturday, September 24th. Volunteers will be appreciated. No prior experience required.

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