Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Musings - July 25, 2011

1. Digital cameras make taking too many pictures too easy--now I have to go through them all and figure out which ones to keep.

2. There is no way than individual Americans should be expected to be fiscally responsible given the example being set by Congress and the President right now.

3. During the past two weeks, I had my cell phone off more than it was on and I found it to be a freeing experience.

4. With the final touchdown of the space shuttle fleet--how many years do you reckon it will be until another manned space mission is launched from US soil?

5. Which are more Americans concerned about: ending the NFL lockout or the looming US credit meltdown? Sadly, the NFL situation seems to be getting more press.

6. The tragedy in Norway with the shootings and bombing just sadly reconfirms the idea that in every society there are scary, sick people who
have no respect for others and who may do things which defy reason. I grieve for the Norwegians and for everyone everywhere who have lost loved ones in terrorist/extremist attacks on civilization.

7. In a snub to the traveling public--did you hear that as some excise taxes ended on airline tickets that all of the major US airlines raised fares to compensate--so the only ones benefiting from reduced taxes is big business rather than the traveling public. Nice.

8. Lesson learned from my recent vacation--I am not cut out to be a sailor. There was a reason that I wanted to be a jet fighter pilot when I was younger!

9. And here is the latest twist on Obama-care: since employers are going to have to provide health care benefits to part-time employees, employers are reducing or finding ways to force part-timers to leave. I wonder what impact this will have on the employment figures next year?

10. Speaking of big business scooping up profits--have you noticed that gasoline prices are not falling even though the government is releasing oil from the strategic reserves?

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