Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lessons from St Lucia - A Postscript

During the course of the vacation, we learned some things that we want to remember for the future. Some of them are funny--and some, not so.

We heard phrases and we talked to so many people who left lasting impressions on us--two that come to mind are Albert our taxi driver and Marek our skipper. But then there was George the water taxi man who was there to help us board the Javelot when it was looking very bleak late on that Saturday afternoon after we had been sitting on the dock all day since about 10am.

Things we learned include:

Island Time -- a phrase we used when things took longer than expected or didn't happen when we expected them to happen.

"It is not a competition" -- a phrase that our skipper Marek used to describe his fishing (and in truth it really means he wants to win!)

"It is an obligation" or "It is not an obligation" -- translates to a requirement or not a requirement, again a phrase used by Marek.

We learned to wait -- There was lots of waiting. Waiting for water taxis, waiting for boats, waiting in lines, and waiting to get someplace.

The journey can be as important as the destination -- Whether driving or sailing, or walking sometimes we need to realize that the destination is sometimes just a means to help us appreciate the journey.

TSA has no sense of humor when it comes to liquids and aerosols.

Banana trees only grow one bunch of bananas in their life.

Bananas are matured in big blue bags right on the trees.

Life is too short to move too fast (and you get really sweaty when you do)

A good day for navigation (sailing) may be a bad day to be a passenger!

We learned all about how cashews grow.

"It's perfect" -- Marek's response to how things were going.

Important information can be lost in translation--like I was trying to find out how far away we were from something and I learned how tall it was.

Happiness is not found in possessions, but rather it is a state of mind. We saw abjectly poor people who seemed incredibly happy.

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