Saturday, July 9, 2011

And So it Begins

Our huge vacation is already off to a strange start. Thankfully, I had a bit of insomnia this morning and got up at 2AM and checked my email to find that our flight from Baltimore to Charlotte had been cancelled. Ugh!

So now, at 5:12 AM, Chris and I are sitting in Dulles airport outside of DC waiting for another flight.

Yes--the car is here too and we are not too worried about retrieving it at this time since in we will be returning to Baltimore.

But we are here, our bags are checked and we are sucking coffee in the local Starbucks the airport.

St Lucia is still in sight at this point--but traveling these days is truly a traveler beware proposition.

There is still a lot of travel and day ahead--but, at least we are still in the game.

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