Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lightning Bugs

It was kind of magical last evening as Chris and I sat outside talking about the day and our plans for the future and the summer ahead.  On the calendar it is still officially Springtime, but given the temperatures of last week, and the length of the days we are experiencing right now--we know it is really more Summertime.  And one little harbinger confirming the beginning of the Summer season was out to greet us last evening--a firefly or, if you prefer a lightning bug.

We had one lone firefly dancing in the cool evening air for our entertainment and enjoyment last evening. Being the first one of the season, it was especially significant as we both reminisced about summers past and chasing and capturing fireflies as children and putting them into jars so that we could enjoy their eerie light on demand--but releasing them, unlike so many other bugs which were summarily executed, back into the night so that their lights  would continue to fascinate and entertain us.

The evening was cool--almost crisp , and the air had been cleansed of the oppressive humidity of last week. Some mosquitoes were also annoying us, as mosquitoes are born to do--but we engaged in a bit of chemical warfare to thwart their attacks.

But that firefly most certainly caught our attention. I remembered summer evenings past when the canopy of tulip poplars above us would twinkle by the light of fireflies, as if filled by thousands of stars, and smiled knowing we are still on the upside of summer--the season I dream of every day from October until April.

It is funny how one, lone firefly can help us to recall the good times of our past and help us to look forward to so many more--thinking of the grandsons chasing them in the yard on still to come summer evenings brings a smile to my heart.

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