Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Begins--Finally!

I decided to skip the Monday Musings this week--and to enjoy the holiday and write a bit about the weekend.
Lucas The Designer

The pool received a welcome work out yesterday.  I had it heated to 84 degrees and the water was simply awesome.

The day was bright and by the end of the day the entire family had visited to partake of the fruits of summertime. The pool has been open since late April but we just have not, with one exception, been able to spend much time and enjoy it.

Me in the Pool
Even I got to enjoy the pool--which was nice--since we had been busy planting and cleaning around the yard for the entire morning.

The heat of the day was very enjoyable after weeks of cold and dreary days--and today, with temperatures into the 90's promises to be even better. 

The surprise of the day was Lucas--who it seems has a knack for decorating--he spend quite a while arranging the three brightly colored Adirondack chairs that we keep ready for the grandsons. He never did seem to get them exactly the way he wanted them--maybe he will do better later today.

And so, as today begins with the promise of summer heat, the thoughts of vacations and time off and excitement also begins to build. The planned trip to St. Lucia is becoming more of a reality and is not only weeks rather than months away. And there are other trips and vacations planned.

Summertime--bring it on!

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