Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Swingset in the Yard -- Really?

Daily, it seems, I learn new requirements about being a grandparent.

The Swing Set--Mowing Obstacle

First it was the return of a crib and kiddie toys in the house. A nursery, so to speak.

Now we cruise yard sales looking for older kid toys--after all, E was six yesterday. I really wanted the gift we got for him (I may secretly go back and buy another one for myself even though technically, I already have one).

This past weekend though--it was the coup de gras, a swing set returned to the yard!

Aside from the comedy that was going to pick it up, disassembling it, and reassembling it on a cold day--I cannot believe I have another obstacle to mow around in the yard.

Granted--it is use and it was inexpensive--but now it is mine.

I am sure the grandsons will love it--for a while, but given the volume of mosquitoes in the yard, I'm not sure whether the use will justify the annoyance of having to mow around it.

Of course, it still requires to be power washed and stained and sealed, because it is well loved.

But the kids will have someplace to play when they are not in the pool. 

When is that, exactly?

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