Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Training Excitement

I guess upstate NY got hammered by snow this weekend and I'm thinking about being at Spring Training.  In less than two weeks, I am heading off to Sarasota to view two games and get really ready and into a baseball state of mind. (Yes, that is Florida with a capital "F")

I was watching the Orioles play the Yankees in my first televised Orioles game of the season from Spring Training last night.

I was looking over the stadium intently--and it looks very intimate. They set an attendance record with just over 8,000 people. Sadly, the game ended in a tie--a 0-0 tie. But is was baseball and the Yankees didn't win!

 Ties are allowed during Spring Training which makes the game interesting.

I could almost imagine the smell of the sultry warmth of the west coast of Florida in the evening and the smell of the grass of the stadium, and maybe even some flying bugs just to make things interesting.

It has to be better than getting into Kitty last night to go to men's group only to find the battery dead because it has been almost a month since I drove the car. Very frustrating. I just need to drive the beast a bit more. Ugh.

I also heard the dreaded "S" word used in the weather forecast for the weekend. No accumulation, just flurries. I am still hoping that the season is going to change over soon and we will begin seeing temperatures sustained in the 60's and above.

It is almost here--I can feel it.

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