Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jax Turns 3

Jax, the miracle baby turns three today!

What a ride it has been with this dynamic kid.

He has developed and grown so much during this past year it is hard to express it all.

But mostly--he remains the miracle baby with the straight line of a faint scar on his chest--to remind us all that he is truly a special child of God. And one upon whom many prayers have been said and blessings given.

The coolest thing happened after church last Sunday. Jax and Ethan met in the hallway surrounded by throngs of people--among them Jeremy, Nicole, Lucas, Mike, Nicole, Chris, and me. But when Jax found Ethan--for whom he had been seeking among all of the people there was the most awesome expression of love I have seen in a long time. A true, unabashed hug of two brothers who, thought they can fight like enemies, truly love each other and look out for each other.  I call them, the Haslup Boys.

Happy Birthday Jax--and may you always be blessed more than you realize.

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