Thursday, December 16, 2010


I got thinking about how seemingly unconnected things come together at just the right time.

Sometimes the "just the right time" is good--sometimes it is bad.  But these things just happen--circumstance? I think not. I hope not. There are just too many of them and when you consider the astronomical odds--could they really happen that way even if we planned them?

I was thinking back a few years ago, when Patrick rolled his Honda into a tree on New Year's morning a couple of years ago. And there just happened to be a medical professional following him who saw the accident and was on the scene almost before Patrick could extricate himself from the car. The tree impacted just behind the driver in the passenger area--but for three feet, the car could have been crushed onto Patrick. I remember how many times I looked at where that car was crushed as it sat in my driveway for almost a year before being towed away, and I though how lucky Patrick had been.  But it was an intersection--the tree and the car and the medical person all together on the scene, and Patrick was OK and checked out.

And there are so many other intersections--I don't really see them all every day, but I suspect they are there.

Tuesday evening for instance. Traffic was awful as I was coming home from the gym. I-95 was snarled and the on ramp I usually use was backed up almost a mile.  Suffice it to say--it was ugly. So I chose to go the alternate route--US 1. I guess everyone forgot about US 1 because it was clear and 50 mph all the way home.  What was the intersection? As I had just lost an ugly racquetball match and felt crummy, the idea of sitting in traffic really didn't appeal to me--so the whole traffic back up forced me to an alternate route that significantly improved my mood because it was such a pleasant drive.

The intersection of the traffic, with racquetball, with US 1 completely changed my mood.

I had another one yesterday afternoon. I was planning to be with Ethan after school and I had a report at work that wasn't going to get out because my boss wasn't going to have time to review it before I had to leave. So I got an extension on the report. But then, Nicole called and Jax was sick so "E-day," as I call it, was cancelled. Because of the intersection of Jax being sick (a bad thing) and cancelling E-day with the report deadline--I didn't need the extension.

I know this seems a bit fuzzy--but I haven't been thinking about this for very long. I'm going to look hard at the intersections--where seemingly dissimilar paths cross to provide a result.

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