Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Dry Run

It must be that practice is required to enter a sleep deprived state and enjoy the day.

Ethan and Lucas
For some unexplained reason, I am up bright and early on a Sunday morning. Before the clock struck 6, I was up and at the side of my tortured wife who is feverishly trying to ensure everything is ready for the big event which is still some six days away.  In my sleepy, still groggy state I am trying to make decisions about menus for Christmas Eve--breakfast and dinner. Church is sandwiched in there somewhere and there remains the possibility of a midnight service as well.

But, trying to solidify menus before my first pot of coffee is just crazy. I can't even spell my name yet.

Something about french toast and pot roast, mimosas and wine. I sure hope I can keep the meals straight.

As the weekend approaches I am sure things will get a bit crazier on the home front. Let's all smile, because all too quickly it will be over.

Lists are everywhere--being checked twice and not just gift lists either. Menus and cleaning, banking and washing. Lists--life is a list this week it seems.

Oh well--it is said that Christmas is for children and it seems at least the grandsons know how to make the best of it. Lucas loves to be pushed in a laundry basket by Ethan. Nicole watched over the operation to ensure it was was safe.  That was last week's entertainment during football. No list required.  Just fun.

And so it begins. Stand by for the craziness to begin.

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