Monday, February 11, 2008

Ethan and Autos

So we took Ethan to the Auto Show in Baltimore on Sunday. It is hard to tell which is fastest--a three year-old on a mission or a fully ready to roll Lamborghini.

The cars were fabulous and there were so many of them. Ethan really likes trucks and he sat in quite a number of them throughout the day. Poppop was having E check them out to see if they were good. E also recognized the interiors of his Mama's Touareg and Gamma's Lexus--which was pretty impressive.

Mostly he liked the speed. The wide open areas (despite thousands of people) were just ready for him to run full tilt. And he did, with Poppop right behind to make sure he was OK. He was fascinated with the seat and demo player set-up the VW area had. It rotated and was white like an egg. But he was all about the cars, trucks, and the speed.

For me, the two best cars were a 68 Mustang Shelby Cobra and a 2008 Jaguar XK Coupe. I think the Jaguar would make a great Valentines Day gift.

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Good words.

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