Sunday, February 17, 2008

Art Garfunkel

Friday night Chris and I went to see Art Garfunkel in concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Getting to the concert proved to be a challenge as the traffic was absolutely the worst I have ever seen and although we left with plenty of time to spare, because the main parking garage was closed we actually missed the first song that Art sang.

But we had great seats three rows from the stage in the apparently sold out Meyerhof Symphony Hall. And while the voice is not as clear as it was (let's see--40 years ago?), it was an awesome concert. He sang old and new stuff and the orchestration for many of the pieces was spectacular. His band was incredible as well. We especially enjoyed, as you might suspect, some of the old stuff like Bridge Over Troubled Water and Cecilia, but he sang some very compelling new songs as well. One we especially liked was a lullaby for his two-year (yes 2) old son. It was beautiful.

The walk down memory lane was a nice diversion from the challenges of the day and whenever we get to spend an evening out together--it works out very nicely. Although, getting home after bedtime is a bummer--but we slept in on Saturday.

Rating: if you grew up or were even alive during the 60's--this concert is a must attend.

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